Your Insurance Office

In May of 2012 our beloved Frank Stastny passed away, leaving behind many friends along with the CRM he had developed.  Many of us used YIO and loved it.  However, every installation required a separate code to open the demo file up completely. 

Finally we have a solution for those of you who no longer can use the program they purchased from Frank due to reformatting, crashing, or any other reason.  Once you install the program from the link listed click the “Unlock YIO” button on the lower right of the program screen.  We need this code to send you the unlock key for a fully functional database.

The cost for this is $100 sent via paypal.   This is to offset the price we paid to acquire the key programming. Copy the code you got from clicking “Unlock YIO” in Your Insurance Office, then go to “Get My Full Unlock Key” below. You will be taken to a PayPal checkout screen.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to click “Add Message to Seller” during checkout and enter your YIO unlock key. Your temporary key is necessary to generate your full unlock key. You will receive your full unlock key via email.

We’re sorry, instant checkout is not available right now. To purchase please send us an email.

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